Nico was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, to a Canadian-American mother and a French father. 


Nico has always expressed himself through performance. His favorite memories include: breaking dancing for strangers on the Seattle ferries; interpretive dancing to the Game of Thrones' theme song for his parents' amusement; and attempting to dance his way into Lindsay Lohan’s Malibu beach party at the age of 10 – yes, this is something he really tried to do; though unsuccessful, he did receive some comments on his committed performance.

These days, his work involves much less interpretive dancing (for which his audiences are quite thankful). Nevertheless, Nico approaches every performance with commitment, authenticity, and that same child-like sense of play.

He's still holding out hope that Lindsay Lohan will one day invite him to one of her Malibu beach house parties.  Lindsay – if you are reading this, he can be reached right here!